Organizational Values

We preserve and practice to remember and reaffirm the ancient alliances humanity has with the Natural world, as an antidote to the state of ecological/humanitarian crisis in our modern times.

Compassion, Wisdom, and Service

We uphold compassion, wisdom, and beneficial service to the healing and awakening of all sentient beings as a foundational tenet of our Church.

We are committed to creating a more equitable world based on honoring diversity in unity. We honor and welcome people of all colors, cultures, genders, nations, faiths and economic backgrounds in our community.

We hold deep and long-standing roots in our lineage traditions. We honor substantive depth of practice, depth and comprehension of training, and enduring long-term commitment to the preservation of our initiate lineages and wisdom traditions.

We are committed to providing a respectful, trusting, and responsibly held space where profound personal and communal healing, transformation, and awakening take place.

We provide a continuity of resources, education, integration, and assistance to our members to effectively support our community’s needs on an ongoing basis as they navigate their own process of growth, healing, and liberation.