Our Faith, Our Creed

We recognize that all life is sacred, innately interconnected and mutually interdependent. Heaven and earth, humanity and all sentient beings in between, are one and the same cosmological movement within Nature and cannot be separated.

Embodiment and Cultivation

Our human embodiment is in direct relationship with the earth and cosmos, as microcosm-macrocosm. To cultivate the health and spiritual wellbeing of one’s own body, speech, and mind is to simultaneously establish harmonious accord with the earth and cosmos.

To appreciate the internal resonance with, and hear the great harmony of Nature requires the practice of self-cultivation: the alchemy of our own inner transformation in a process of returning, un/learning, forgetting and remembering in a resonant, reciprocal relationship with the whole of our environment, with all of our relations, and with the unceasing, continuously self-generating transformations of the cosmos itself.

There is nothing that is outside of Nature, and therefore everything that arises is a potential path towards awakening and liberation.

We practice ritual and ceremonial Methods of the ancient wisdom traditions that uphold our cosmological View, which in turn spontaneously generates Fruition: the undifferentiated, unconditioned experience of the human condition or liberation/enlightenment.

Animistic shamanism is the observation of time, space, and movement as recurring cyclical patterns of transformation within Nature that have no beginning and no end. Our practice seeks to cultivate right relationship with all things, all patterns, whether form or formless, that arise in our experience as human beings. Therefore our path of cultivation is founded upon a constant, spontaneous process of self-reflection on what it means to be a human being. What the human relationship is to itself, to other human beings, to other non-human beings, and to the greater world and cosmos.

We seek no ultimate answer to these inquiries, but instead through observation of our natural human condition inherently as it is, without obstruction, awaken to the non-dual revelation which inspires the observance of things-as-they-are. To deconstruct the false notion of an abiding self/other and reveal the unceasing, ever-transforming, nameless, limitless cosmos.